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Early this morning, Friday, May 21st, I received an e-mail from Joe Gonzalez, the husband of our classmate, MARY LOUISE CLAYTON ('70), telling that Mary Louise died yesterday, Thursday, May 19th. Let me share the e-mail with everyone...

"Dennis, It is very difficult for me to say this but Mary Louise passed away today. We are still not certain whether she had a heart attack or drowned while in the pool. Arrangements cannot be made until the official coroners report. I will try and keep you posted. We are still in shock. It is late out here in San Diego, but I decided I better do this tonight before I lose my nerve. I think she would have wanted me to do this.

What you do not know is that for the past 11 years Louise had been battling against end stage renal disease. She had been going to hemodialysis three times a week. She never let on to many people, because she never wanted to be treated differently. You would not have known that she was sick to look at her. She was still the same 105 lb. pixie that I married 20 years ago. She was the bravest person I have ever had the privilege of knowing. I loved her very much. She brought joy to so many people. She was never much for the internet, but she always enjoyed your newsletter. She had talked about the up coming renunion and was trying to figure away to get back home. The trip would have been very difficult for her, but she was a fighter. And yes, she still played with her baton. Louise lived a full and wonderful life despite all of the physical hardships I think her only regret would have been that she did not live to see our son 14 year old son, Nick, graduate from High School. Please forward this to the other classmates that would have known her. Please do not grieve for Mary Louise for her long suffering is over and I know that she has gone to far greater place. Thank you, J.B.(JOE) GONZALEZ, III and Family"

Joe, on behalf of all the classmates, I send you and your son, our love and prayers. We do grieve her passing, but as you say, she is in a far greater place. You and your family are in our prayers. If we can be of any help, please let me know. --Dennis (5/21/99)

Mary Louise Clayton was one of the original "majorettes" at John Jay High School.
To the right is a photo of husband, Joe, Mary Louise, and their son, Nicolas, in 1990.

Also, this morning at 9:00 a.m., I received the following e-mail from NANCY CLAYTON, the sister of mary Louise. Let me share that e-mail with everyone...

"Dear Dennis: Please let everyone know on your web site about my sister - Mary Louise Clayton - Class of '70. Mary Louise died yesterday (May 20) near her home in Chula Vista, California. She drowned. She was swimming at her pool in her townhome complex in Chula Vista, and was found by a neighbor. He tried to revive her, but was too late. The medical examiner in San Diego County is sill doing tests, but it was accidental. A terrible, terrible thing. If you remember, Mary Louise was a twirler in Mr. Schrieber's band. Please pass the word on to her classmates. We have no funeral details as of now, but will know sometime in the next couple of days. Here is my phone number....Nancy Clayton 830-966-3480

I live in Utopia, Texas, about 90 miles northwest of San Antonio. She will be buried in the cemetery at Vanderpool, Texas, about 8 miles north of us. That is where her father is buried. She is a 4th generation Clayton - from the original early settlers of the Sabinal Canyon, Utopia, Vanderpool area.

Thank you, Dennis -- Louise loved John Jay so much -- she always spoke of her wonderful days in the band, and being a part of the Class of 1970. She also thought your web page was so neat. She loved having her son pull it up for her, so she could keep up with the latest news. Sincerely, Nancy Clayton."

Nancy, thanks for getting in touch with us. You, too, have our prayers and thoughts in this time of sorrow. ---Love, Dennis (5/21/99)

This morning, Tuesday, May 25th, I received this e-mail from Nancy Clayton..."Dear Dennis: We would appreciate it so much if you could post the following information about the funeral services for my sister, Mary Louise:

A grave-side service will be held in the Vanderpool Cemetery, in Vanderpool, Texas, on Friday, May 28, at 2:00 pm. (If coming from San Antonio, drive west on HWY 90 towards Del Rio. Go through Castroville, Hondo, and on to Sabinal. Turn right (north) at the light in Sabinal, on HWY 187. Go to Utopia (about 22 miles north), then on to Vanderpool, about 8 miles more.) It is about a two-hour drive from San Antonio.

The Rev. Jimmy Linn, pastor of Utopia Baptist Church, will be conducting the services. Memorial gifts may be sent in Louise's name to: Utopia Baptist Church P.O. Box 240 Utopia, TX 78884 c/o Rev. Jimmy Linn, Pastor Phone: (Church) 830-966-3688 (Home) 830-966-3334. Our church has a wonderful meal program. We have many elderly people who live on isolated ranches, and the church members take hot meals to them. We also have an active youth program where funds are used to help kids go to camp.

To send flowers: Nancy Clayton, P.O. Box 153 Utopia, TX 78884 Phone 830-966-3480. Louise's husband, Joe, and their son, Nick, will be flying in from California on Thursday. A memorial service will be held in Chula Vista, California, tomorrow (Tuesday) at 4:00 pm.

Thank you Dennis - for posting this. We are all still in a state of shock. We miss her so. Sincerely, Nancy

Anyone wishing to express themselves on the passing of Mary Louise, can e-mail me at and I will add it to this page..

CATHY BACON ('70) Italy: Hi Dennis, Thanks for sending the note about Mary Louise's death. That is so very sad to hear--but at least we know and can try to comfort her family and I offer my prayers for them. Thanks again for the efforts you expend in keeping JJHS '70 connected.

GEORGE HUNTER ('70) Germany: Dennis, These are not the best of times for us John Jay-ers, we must, however, keep our heads high and always remember those who go before us, therefore they never die...they just go away for a while.

NATHAN WILLIS ('70) San Antonio, Texas: It would be a tragedy not to say anything because I wasn't a close friend, of Mary Louise, but just a classmate. But any passing should go noticed. My deepest sympathies go out to you (Joe) and your family. Those that were close to her, will truly miss Mary Louise and the joy she brought to them while she was here. Pass onto your son the knowledge that life has strange meanings, but that God has plans for all of us. Again, my condolences to you and your family.

DOUG CRAWFORD ('70) Bulverde, Texas: Dennis, thanks for the updates. I was out of town when Mr. Schreiber passed away. My brother called to let me know. He certainly left a legacy of beautiful music behind. And then, today, from your e-mail to all of us, I read about Mary Louise. I barely remember her from High School, but what I do remember was all good. It amazes me how many of our classmates have suffered over the years with serious illness but we rarely hear about it. I guess most of us are reluctant to talk about it because the next person may be struggling more than we are. It has been at times a difficult year for us. Dennis, thanks again for all you do, Doug.

ROBERT SPRADLING ('70) San Antonio, Texas: Dear Dennis, It makes me both sad and angry to hear of Mary Louise Clayton Gonzalez' untimely passing. Life is so damn fragile. I did not know her well, I am sorry to say. All I know is that one of God's children is coming home, and that, in and of itself, is good. Still, I'm sad. My personal battle to remain on this "Looney Balloon" we call Earth goes on. It seems that my cancer is back, this time, in my neck's left side lymph node. Chemo and radiation recommence this Monday. Oh well, life is a battle, and God never gives us more than we can handle. But enough about me. What I pray for is very simple and perhaps just a start to something better. I ask that all the apparent hatred and anger disappear from the roadways of the world. "Aggressive driving" is just another term for temporary insanity. Amen. God Bless Mary Louise Clayton Gonzalez. Sincerely, Bob

Mr. Dan Schreiber
the former band director at John Jay, died late last night, Wednesday, April 21, 1999, in a plane crash near Blanco, Texas. Mr. Scheiber was judging a band contest and was flying home late Wednesday night. He was the pilot of the plane. Our classmate, MARIA GALAVIZ ('70) called me at 5:30 a.m. Thursday morning to tell me the news. Mrs. Schreiber's wife had called Maria's brother, RALPH GALAVIZ ('69), who was very close friends with Mr. Schreiber. I will post more details on this site as soon as they become available. (4/22/99)

A rosary for Mr. Schreiber will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, April 26, 1999, at Sunset Northwest Funeral Home, located at 6321 Bandera Road. Funeral services will take place at St. Luke's Catholic Church, 4603 Manitou (off Callaghan and Loop 410) on Tuesday, April 27, 1999, at 10:00 a.m. Burial will be at Fort Sam Houston Cemetery at 11:00 a.m.

Mr. Schreiber is survived by his wife Shirley Schreiber, three sons, Dan, Doug, and Dennis Schreiber; daughter Kathy Schreiber Harrison; son-in-law Neil Harrison; daughter-in-law Caroline Schreiber; and eight grandchildren. A mailing address to send condolences is: 6235 Rain Cloud, San Antonio, Texas 78238.

On Thursday, federal and state authorities, including the National Transportation Safety Board, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Texas department of Public Safety, and the Blanco County Sheriff's Department began investigating the cause of a small plane crash that took the life of 63-year-old band director, Daniel Kirk Schreiber. Mr. Schreiber was killed late Wednesday night when his single engine, 1964 Cessna 182 slammed into a hill on a ranch six miles south of Blanco, Texas. He was pronounced dead at the scene by Blanco County Justice of the Peace John Wood, who ordered an autopsy by the Travis County Medical Examiner.

Kathy Schreiber Harrison, Mr. Schreiber's 38-year-old daughter, said he was flying home after judging a band contest in Coleman, in Central Texas. She said her father, who was a high school band director for 25 year, mostly at John Jay High School, had two passions: teaching and flying.

"His passion was flying," she said, comparing him to the late teacher and astronaut Christa McAuliffe. "He died doing what he loved."

Witnesses in the area where Schreiber went down reported a gusty wind, a cloudy sky, and some drizzle when the plane went down at approximately 10:40 p.m. Clay Benson, foreman at the Taylor Ranch off County Road 103, heard the crash as he was preparing to go to bed.

"I heard an airplane getting louder and louder, then I heard a terrible crash, and everything shook," he said. "Five seconds later, I heard an explosion."

After calling 911, Benson drove the short distance across the ranch to the fire and crash site and yelled to find if anyone was still alive. When no one answered, he headed to the main road to direct emergency crews to the scene. Benson said that Mr. Schreiber's body was found on the ground near the fuselage.

Apparently, the plane was flying in a westerly direction, struck a hill, bumped across the rocky terrain about 300 feet, and stopped in a small ravine, where it exploded. The engine then hurled into the air and through a tangle of juniper trees and landed 300 feet away from the plane.

The crash site was located approximately three miles west of Highway 281 North in Blanco County, about one mile from the junction of state roads 102 and 103.

Mr. Schreiber was the third of our former teachers to have died in private plane crashes. First, our drama teacher, Mr. Tom Burgess died in a plane accident in 1975 in East Texas; and Coach Bill Horlen died in a plane accident returning from officiating a high school sports event.

Anyone wishing to convey their condolences, thoughts, or words about Mr. Schreiber can send me an e-mail and I will post it here, on our web page, for you. My e-mail address is --Dennis

RICK KIEFFER ('72) Maple Valley, Washington- Dennis, Sorry I missed you. I flew down to Mr.. Schreiber's funeral and just got back. Ran out of time before I could track you down. You know the lyrics of songs better than I. The Leader of the Band is appropriate for a tribute to Mr. Schreiber. It is something like this... "The leader of the band is tired and his eyes are growing old. But his blood runs through my instrument and is his song is in my soul. My life has been a poor attempt - to imitate the man. I'm just a living legacy to the leader of the band." Someone should have said it at his funeral. Larry Woods and Joanie Veall gave a couple of great eulogies. I found I could not speak when I had the opportunity. There are a few great influences in a person's life. Mr. Schreiber was the most dedicated, caring and consistently fair teacher I have ever had the privilege to work for or with. I have visited with him and flown with him every time I returned to San Antonio. I am also one of the only guys I know that was able to tell Mr. Schreiber how important he was to education in general and to me specifically and that I loved him. Not a lot of guys running around can say they told Dan Schreiber they loved him to his face.....and live to tell the story. Mr. and Mrs. Schreiber are true friends to me and my wife. He spoke of all of his students as if they were his own children and was very proud of all of our accomplishments. The world is a far lesser place than it was a couple of weeks ago. My heart is full.

FRANK "RIP" DOUVRY ('70) Frisco, Texas- Tonight, Monday evening April 26th, Rip called me. He had come down from the Dallas area to attend the rosary for Mr. Schreiber. He said the church was overflowing with people and I know, from having attended Mass there on occasion, myself, that the church seats hundreds of people, so the turnout was tremendous. Rip said it was a loving tribute to Mr. Schreiber. He mentioned KENNY SUNDBERG ('70) flew down from Polk, Nebraska, and that there were so many, many former John Jay band members at the rosary, it was remarkable. He also talked with MELODY SHUPP ('70) and her sister, BETSY SHUPP ('72) among others.

DENNIS DUPRIEST ('70) San Antonio, Texas- Rip said that people had asked for me at the rosary for Mr. Schreiber, tonight. I must extend my sincere apology for being unable to attend. In addition to being the Public Information Officer for the Somerset Independent School District, I also serve as the district's Elections Administrator. Today was the next to the last day for the early voting period, and I just was unable to make the rosary, as I have late hours. Tomorrow is the last day for early voting, and cannot get away from my duties. I am so sorry that I cannot attend these services. Mr. Schreiber and I got to know one another much better these last 10 years, since I started organizing our class reunions and sending out alumni newsletters. I would run into him about twice a year at a store or mall in the area and we would quickly catch up with stories. His face would beam brightly whenever he would mention that he had heard from a classmate of mine or another band student from the early years of John Jay. Being unable to attend the rosary and funeral service for Mr. Schreiber, I pray that I have done him honor in my own way by trying to make sure that I contacted as many of my classmates and his former students that I could.

Mr. Schreiber was a very gifted man, who loved life, loved what he did, and he loved his family, his students, and his music. In return, he was loved by all. I know my life is richer and that I am a better person for having known him. Reflecting back on Mr. Schreiber's life and his legacy proves true the lyrics of the Beatles song "The End" on the album, "Abbey Road," which go... "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make."

JAMIE SUNDBERG ('71) Grapevine, Texas- Dennis, This terrible news about Mr. Schreiber was so stunning, so hard to accept... Mr. Schreiber was first my teacher, then, after graduation, when I went into music, my John Jay band experience being no small influence, he became my mentor. After I left the field of music as a career, he remained my friend all these 25+ years. The music he taught us all, the love of music that he shared with us those years on the band, was not just a high school thing. The music always stayed with us, as I'm sure he knew it would. I even got married to "Elsa's Procession," one of our favorites in '70 & '71. And how many times do I hear music on the radio and think, "I played that!" and it never fails to remind me of him. So, even though he's gone, now, I'll never run out of memories. Thanks so much, Dennis, for your information concerning Mr. Schreiber. I have really enjoyed reading your web site.

DONNA STEPHENS ('70) Corpus Christi, Texas- Dear Dennis, We've been out of town (Nashville) and just returned home. So sorry to read about Mr. Schrieber. I was musically "challenged" in high school (as well as now) so therefore I never knew him well. When you can't hum in tune, let alone, read or play music, one tends to shy away from the talented group! Seriously though, what I remember is having a sense of pride when seeing our band march on the fields. I thought their music and performances were wonderful. I remember Vance Verbeck looking oh so smart leading the band!! I wished I could throw a baton AND march at the same time.....Ralph Galaviz was a special good friend of Monna's. I'll make sure she reads her email!! She dated John Dany in high school and he was also a member of the band. I know she will be sad to read the news. Thanks for being you..... and spreading the news. Love to you as always.

LINDA ANDERSON ('70) San Antonio, Texas- I am very saddened over the news of the death of Mr. Schrieber. He was my mentor and a father figure to me, because most of my school years were spent with him and the band from the 7th grade thru graduation, before school, lunch, after school, weekends, etc. He played a big part in my life in academics and personally thru those growing pain years. My eternal love and compassion and prayers go out to his family. He will forever be a big part of life, more than any other teacher at John Jay. He was always full of encouragement and always had time for me as an individual. He will be sorely missed........

ROBERT SPRADLING ('70) San Antonio, Texas- Dear Dennis, I was so sorry to hear of Mr. Schreiber's tragic death. I vividly recall hearing of the plane crash on the news and the reporter first mentioned that the victim was a long-time high school band leader in San Antonio and for some reason, I just knew he was going to say Mr. Schreiber's name. Mr. Schreiber was one of the few authority figures at John Jay that would always lend an open ear to my worrys and my concerns. He and Mr. Guerra were very special people in that regard. I would like to close now by saying, "It is nice to know that Heaven finally has someone to keep the following eternal artists in perfect harmony: Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, The Big Bopper, Patsy Cline, Elvis Presley, Ricky Nelson, Janis Joplin, Linda McCartney, Hank Williams, Tiny Tim, Jim Morrison, Tammy Wynette, Jimi Hendrix, Otis Redding, and Gentleman Jim Reeves. GOD, IT MUST BE A HELLUVA BAND!"

HARRY HETRICK ('70) Hopkinsville, Kentucky- Dennis, I appreciate you letting us know about Mr. Schreiber. I had him as a band director at Sul Ross and then at Jay for two years. He was a really great guy, he always knew how to connect with the students. After I got out of school we always kept in touch. He was not only a good teacher, he was a good friend. He will be dearly missed by all of us. Our prayers go out to him and his family.

NATHAN WILLIS ('70) San Antonio, Texas-Thanks for sending me the news regarding Mr. Schreiber. I immediately e-mailed it to my son, who in turned told his mom, JEANNIE DICKSON ('71). I know she was devastated, as well as, all the band students that he touched and taught in life. My personal condolescences go out to the family and friends.

STEVE MAYS ('70) Great Falls, Virginia- Dennis, Thank you for the news, albeit tragic and sad. Dan Schrieber was not only a great band director, but a terrific human being. I had him for band in ninth grade at Sul Ross. I then went overseas to Tripoli for two years before returning to Jay to graduate. After I graduated from the Naval Academy, I would stop by Jay each time I was in town. He was one of the teachers I always made a point to stop in and see. He always took time to chat, even if it meant stopping his class and introducing me to them. He was a warm and wonderful teacher and friend. I will miss him. I will pray for him and his family. I know when he greets St. Peter at the Pearly Gates, St. Peter will say, "Come on in, Dan. You tried harder!"

WARREN WHITAKER ('70) Austin, Texas- Hi, Dennis, I hope all is going well for you and yours. Sorry to hear the bad news about Mr. Schreiber. I wasn't in the band, as you know, but from the outside looking in, I had the impression that all his kids liked him a lot. I never had an opportunity to interact with him, but he always appeared happy and to have a really good perspective on life. I understood him to be a truly good man. I also saw him as a good role model for us. I will remember his family in my prayers.

MARY LOUISE CLAYTON ('70) San Diego, California- Dennis, we are so, so sorry to hear of Mr. Schreiber's passing. He was such a warm and wonderful man. If there is anything we can do, anyway we can be of help, please let us know. He and his family are in our prayers.

GLENN WHITAKER ('72) Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio- Dennis, what a tragedy! I wasn't in the band while in high school, however, I always heard nothing but praise when Mr Schreiber's name was ever mentioned. He will be sorely missed by all! I truly appreciate this e-mail from you Dennis. The Schreiber family will be in our prayers!

LOUIS FIGUEROA ('70) Dallas, Texas- Dennis, please include my name in any condolences you may send. Sorry to hear the bad news. My prayers go out to the entire Schrieber family.

ROSS RAYMOND ('69) Katy, Texas- Dennis, thanks for the news for us who are out-of-towners. Mr. Schreiber's family will be in our prayers. It seems fitting he would be doing something he loved when the end came. Judging bands and flying planes.

RAY & SHIRLEY FERGUSON ('70/'71) San Antonio, Texas- We are in shock to hear of Mr. Schreiber's passing, but thank-you for letting us know Dennis.

SHARON GOODYKOONTZ ('70) Bulverde, Texas- It's so sad to hear of his passing. He meant so much to so many students and touched our lives forever. We will all miss him.

On Thursday, 1/7/99, as I do once a month, I had dinner with some of my former cast members of the 1960's teen dance TV show "SWINGTIME." As we always do, we talked about what fun we had in those days, and someone asked me if I had heard from SONNY GARCIA ('70). (Sonny was not only on the TV show, but also our classmate at Jay). I said it had been about two years since I last talked to him and it was about time I gave him a call..... Fast forward to tonight... Just moments ago, (Friday night, Jan. 8th, 7:30 p.m.) I had finished putting stamps on the latest newsletter to be mailed out tomorrow morning. I came across the newsletter for Sonny and decided to call him, right then and there. I picked up the phone, dialed his number in Kerrville, and a young man answered. I asked for Sonny Garcia, and the voice on the other end of the phone said, "Uhh, oh. Grandma, someone wants Uncle Sonny." Sonny's mother came to the phone and I told her who I was. She remembered me and I asked for Sonny. Then she said, "Dennis, Sonny passed away in December of 1997." I nearly dropped the phone.

I couldn't believe it. I had last talked to him back in 1996. His mother told me that she and Sonny had been in a severe car accident on their way to San Antonio. Sonny was badly injured. I didn't want her to have to go into any details, so I changed the subject and we spoke of the 'good old days' when Sonny had invited me to be on the TV show "SWINGTIME" and I became a "Swingtime Swinger" cast member for two years, thanks to him. We always had great parties at Sonny's house and his parents were so wonderful to us kids! I told his mom how Sonny's invitation to me to appear on the TV show was my first lucky break in show business at age 16. I owed him a great debt of gratitude.

After finishing my conversation with Sonny's mom and promising that I would come up to Kerrville to see her, I spoke with Sonny's nephew. He told me that, as a result of the car accident, Sonny had sustained damage to his liver and over the past two years it progressively got worse, until it took his life.

We will always remember Sonny for his energy, sense of humor, laughter, kindness, smile and love for life. He was loved by so many of high school classmates. Sonny brought a touch of class to our new school. He was one of the most famous teenagers in San Antonio, as a result of his four years on "SWINGTIME". I just called and spoke with San Antonio radio legend BRUCE HATHAWAY, who used to host the show and who has remained a good friend of mine for over 30 years, and broke the news of Sonny's death to him. He was very saddened.

Sonny garcia will live in our hearts for a long time to come. I am sorry that I never had the chance to say good-bye.

SONNY GARCIA DIED ON DECEMBER 22, 1997. He was 45 years of age.

JUNE 1999
dropped me an e-mail the other day...."Hi Dennis.... just being nosy about what everyone is up to. I just love being able to log on and keep in touch. You're a peach to do this for all of us. Would love to hear from Cathy Bacon. Now that I'm retired, I actually have some time for correspondence. Love to you as always, Donna Sue"... Well, Cath Bacon is currently stationed in Italy where she is involved in the crisis/war in Kosovo. I haven't heard directly from her, but will keep everyone posted. (6/26/99)

KRISTINE SEAQUIST ('70) dropped me an e-mail, today, and writes..."Hi Dennis, Thank you for keeping all of us posted on our classmates. I did not remember knowing Mary Louise Clayton, but I appreciate your informing me of her passing. A mother, wife ,daughter, sister, friend is greatly missed I am sure. Also, I found the news about Mr Schreiber very sad. I was in his choir class for two years. He candidly told us he wasn't quite sure he knew how to handle us- he never taught choir before- but handle us he did. One day, I was fortunate enough to be put with the tenors (all fellows, of course) because they needed an extra voice. I was an alto that discovered I could push my voice down thanks to that incentive to "stay with the boys". Apparently secure in the fact that I would not be removed from that coveted spot, we engaged in some horseplay, now and then. One particular incident stands out. One day before class, I told MIKE VIKERS that it would be interesting to find out how long it would take for Mr. Schrieber to say something about a staged event. Mr. Schrieber walked in and I am sure he noticed how my head was laying in Mike's lap all relaxed and watching him give choir instructions. What seemed like forever went by and then Mr. S just stopped and fixed his gaze toward an opposite diagonal direction at the wall and said with a big smile "OH Kay and that will be enough of that!" And he remained completely still so we took the hint,straighted up and everyone got a laugh out of it. He was always someone we wanted to interact with- he made us smile-we wanted his smiles. Awesome that he could teach with that aura continually going on. I would have to say he was the best teacher I ever had and I have had alot of good ones. I enjoyed and remember the young men and women in choir but we would have been a "flat" O without him. Kristine" --- Kris, it's always good to hear from you and thanks for sharing the laughs with us! (6/8/99)

MAY 1999
is stationed in Italy right now, and send me this e-mail... "Hi Dennis, Thanks again for the efforts you expend in keeping JJHS '70 connected. I'm in Italy now doing air operations' staff work for ALLIED FORCE. Just wanted to let you know that there are Mustangs over here "taking care of the business of the American people." Take care, Cath"--Thanks for staying in touch, Cathy. Take care and know that you and all our service men and women are in our prayers. (5/22/99)

DOUG CRAWFORD ('70) was one of those whom I e-mailed this morning about the death of Mary Louise Clayton. Doug was the first to respond. I included his remarks in the tributes to Mary Louise in the article above. Here is the remainder of his e-mail to me... "Hey Dennis, Thanks for the updates. I was out of town when Mr. Schreiber passed away. My brother called to let me know. He certainly left a legacy of beautiful music behind. And then today I read about Mary Louise. I barely remember her from High School but what I do remember was all good. It amazes me how many of our classmates have suffered over the years with serious illness but we rarely hear about it. I guess most of us are reluctant to talk about it because the next person may be struggling more than we are. It has been at times a difficult year for us. My dad had a heartattack and subsequent by-pass surgery. He is doing ok -- not as good as we hoped, but slowly improving. I did get to do one neat thing this year. My stepson Bryan, who has been like a son to me, is in the Navy stationed on the USS Carl Vinson, a nuclear powered carrier. They recently returned from the Arabian Gulf where they dropped lots of stuff on Saddam. Anyway my middle son Brad and I got to take what they call a Tiger cruise. We flew to San Diego and took the ship up to Bremerton Washington. Brad got to "drive" the ship. He figures that since he can steer a 94,000 ton nuclear powered carrier, he should be able to drive a car. Of course I pointed out that he had no lanes to stay in and did not have to park it. We had a good time and it was good to see Bryan. Dennis, thanks again for all you do, Doug" ---It's always good to hear from you, Doug. Thanks for staying in touch! (5/21/99)

GEORGE HUNTER ('70) wrote me an e-mail from Germany..."Dennis, I had a super contact I had with classmate KRISTINE SEAQUIST ('70). She wrote me asking if I knew the whereabouts of CINDY ELKINS ('71), my old flame. I was disappointed to say that I, too, had lost track of Cindy. Have any clues? I don't know if you have Kristine's email but here goes, I have completely lost RICK SANDOVAL ('69), and RALPH GALAVIZ ('69) never wrote me back even once...I don't know what is up with them. I do recall Ralph telling me that when his PC was down that Rick would always come to put the fixes on it...maybe they have had problems...but not for this many months???? I know things are rough for all back home, and especially those of us who shared in MR. SCHREIBER's life in a closer sense. We must pick up the flag and continue to march, it isn't that we are moving on and leaving is that we will never forget the memories of the times in the past." ---George, thanks for the e-mail on Kristine. I'll get it added to our list. As for Cindy's whereabout's, no, I don't know where she is. Hey, did you know thatCindy and I also dated? Yup!! Wow, small world. And as for Rick and Ralph, what can you excpect from two clowns from the "Class of 1969"!! Take care, my friend. (5/20/99)

GARY MAESTAS ('69) has been in touch with me by e-mail. He writes... "Dennis, Sorry to hear of the death of Mr. Schreiber. Well, I just finished a one month visit to China and, now, I am on my way to New Zealand and Australia. Then, it's west again and around the world. I will finish my 4 1/2 month vacation in mid-August and return to Las Vegas." ---Thanks for dropping me a line, Gary. Sounds like you're travelling through prime coffee mug country! Be sure to get me a few! (5/11/99)

JACK MATTHEWS (Holmes H.S. '65) gets married this afternoon, Saturday, May 8th. I mentioned Jack because a lot of us that were into cars back in high school days, held Jack and his 1957 Nomad in awe! Jack was like "Fonzie" or the character that Harrison Ford played in the movie, "American Graffiti", that everyone wanted to race. We all hung around Jack and learned a lot about cars and life. He has been a friend for some 30 years. It was Jack and I who started "The Guys" and meeting with old high school buddies once-a-month every month for the past 12 years and continue to do so. Jack's father was Mr. William Matthews, who taught math a John Jay. This will be the second marriage for Jack and his wife, Mary, who live in Helotes. "The Guys," including WILLY ('70) & MARY LOWE, CHARLES "BUBBA" ('70) & FAYE ABEL, ED ('72) & BEVERLY ('76) HOLLEY, BILL ('70) & JOANN MIZELL, RUSTY ('70) & DIANA ('78) ATKINS, will be in attendance at the wedding for one hell of a party! (5/7/99)

NATHAN WILLIS ('70) sent me an e-mail to share with everyone..."Dear Dennis, Just a quick note guys to say Hello. I've sat around the past three days waiting for someone, anyone, to E-mail me any news, information or gossip. GEE WHIZ- Celebrated my 22nd Wedding Anniversary on 2 May and had a wonderful time with my wife. She still loves me(or at least she's still sticking to that story.) Got the day off from the criminals in jail and really just enjoyed each other. Tried to go for breakfast but the kids woke up and wouldn't stay at home. My daughter Stephanie graduates on the 28th of May and my next big task is to convince her to start college the following week. This should be interesting. If you guys have any hints, e-mail them at once. Well guys, hope your days (and nights) are going well. Take care and write soon." --Thanks for checking in with us, Nathan. (5/5/99)

CATHY BACON ('70) is busy in Italy. I received an e-mail from her mother, as follows: "This is Cathy's mom writing. Cathy is in Italy on TDY (for those of you who do not know what TDY stands for, it means temporary duty) for approx 120 days. She left the Washington DC area on April 28th and is working hard and is housed at the moment in a hotel, but will be moving into an apartment soon. I know that she is not in the direct line of fire so to speak, but whenever our military forces are out of our country, there is always the fear of a terrorist attack!! I pray that she and the rest of her mates will be safe and will not be away for as long as the powers, that be, anticipate. Ray and I will take care of the house and keep the home fires burning in between traveling at least once a month while she is gone. Cathy has an e mail address: I know she will appreciate hearing from any of you. Love to all, Martha (Mom to some). ----Thanks for the update on Cathy! (5/3/99)

APRIL 1999
has appeared almost out of nowhere to find our web page! Let me let him tell you the story..(by the way, what follows is EXACTLY what he wrote when he signed our Guest Book for this site. Apparently, there's not a bashful bone in Larry's body!) Dear Dennis, I'm not sure if you or my classmates remember me because in 1969, I quit school because I got Debbie Martin pregnant and we both quit and got married. About 12 years ago I returned to school and finished and now I am a chiropractor in Houston. I remember all these old classmates. ED HOLLEY ('72), I knew him when we both lived in LA (lower Alabama, Mobile)then we moved to Texas and later he and his family moved to SA. I had lunch with DONNA COBURN ('71) and KATHY KIRK ('70) before Donna moved and they both looked great. I also got a Christmas card from "88" GLENN ELLIOT ('70). It is great to hear RUSSELL GRIFFITH ('70) is in Houston but I'm not sure if he remembers me. Keep up the good work and be expecting a contribution in the mail soon. Thanks for putting this page together and helping me find some of my old friends. Larry -- Larry, it's good to have you back among the Mustangs! Stay in touch. (4/26/99)

PAULETTE STUNES ('70) and I, first met one another in Brindisi, Italy, where are dads were stationed around 1964-67, or so. I have not heard from Paulette since we all walked across the graduation stage 29 years ago. This week, I received an e-mail from her little sister, Debbie, who had found this web site and was delighted with it. Recognizing her last name, I wrote back to Debbie asking her if she was related to Paulette and she told me that she is her younger sister. I asked her to contact Paulette and, if she had an e-mail address, to write me. Well, I heard from Paulette, today, and it's great to know she's doing well. For the past seven years, Paulette and her family lived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, as civilians not military personnel. (I wonder if they knew that Russell and Phyliss Griffith were there at that time, also?) She says they loved it there, in so many ways, that they miss it and often wish they were still there. While she wasn't thrilled with the way women are treated over there, it was an interesting and exciting seven years. There are some sad memories, however, they lost some close friends in the terroist bombing at the OPM SANG building. Today, Paulette and the family live in Great Falls, Montana, a far cry from the exotic Middle East, to say the least. I'm sure she'll bring me up-to-date on other aspects of her life and I'll include them in the future. Her e-mail link has been added to the page. Paulette, it really is wonderful to have you back among the Mustangs after 29 years. (4/6/99)

RAY FERGUSON ('70) sent me an e-mail with a clever idea. Listen..."THE GREAT "GAS OUT" It's time we did something about the price of gasoline in America! We are all sick and tired of high prices when there are literally millions of gallons in storage. Know what I found out? If there was just ONE day when no one purchased any gasoline, prices would drop drastically. The so-called oil cartel has decided to slow production by some 2 million barrels per day to drive up the price. I have decided to see how many Americans we can get NOT TO BUY ANY GASOLINE on one particular day! Let's have a GAS OUT! Do not buy any gasoline on APRIL 30, 1999!!!!! Buy on Thursday before, or Saturday after. Do not buy any gasoline on FRIDAY, APRIL 30, 1999. Wanna help? Send this message to everyone you know. Ask them to do the same. All we need is a few million to participate in order to make a difference. We CAN make a difference!" OK, Ray, count me in. I won't buy gas on that day and I won't eat any Mexican food that day either, so I don't make my own GAS!! Yeeee Haaaaa!! (4/5/99)

MARCH 1999
is up and running on the internet and sent me this e-mail: "Hi Dennis, Guess who this is? How's everything in San Antonio? Everything is going well, here in Kentucky. We just got hooked up to the net. I've had the computer for two years and decided to hook it up because of the kids. Bare with me I didn't pay attention in Mr. Frick's typing class. Please add my email address to your list. I have been a grandfather for two years now. I have a granddaughter, her name is Paige Bailey. Talk about feeling old. I can't do things like I use to. Can I have Jon Davis' email address? Paige got a hold of your newsletter, and I lost all the addresses and I sure do enjoy it! Can't wait to hear from you!" Well, it's outstanding to hear from you Harry. I have already sent you link to this web page and all the info you need is right here. Good to hear from you and stay in touch, grandpa'! (3/29/99)

LEONARD SAAVEDRA ('70) surprised me with a "live" on line message from PARIS, FRANCE, today! He and I are both on America On Line (AOL) and there is a system called Immediate Messages (IM) and Leonard chatted with me from Paris, where he is on vacation with his wife, Dawn and their daughter and her husband. He's gonna' e-mail me with some news to post here and he's gonna' bring me a coffee cup back from Paris!! Sacre bleu, mon ami!! (3/17/99) Update: Thursday, March 25th... Leonard sends me a message that he's back from vacation and he's got me a coffee mug from Paris! Yeeee Haaaa!!!

DIANE DURETTE ('70) appeared out of nowhere and showed up at the scholarship meeting back on Febraury 26th. What a wonderful surprise! I had not seen her since the night we all graduated 29 years ago! I didn't get a chance to ask her what she had been up to, but it was good to see her. (3/1/99)

true to his word, sent in one of the most generous donations we have ever received to keep this web site and the class newsletter going. In fact, I received his donation, as well as, a check from one of his fellow classmates, KAY COMPTON ('71) on the very same day! Carl and Kay, thank you so much for being such wonderful people and helping this project out. All members of my class and your class should be proud of your kindness. (2/25/99)

LEONARD SAAVEDRA ('70) dropped me an e-mail along with a beautiful picture of his store, "Legends 8" in Billings, Montana. Len says that if all goes well, he and his partners will open their second store in Colorado Springs, Colorado, sometime in May of this year. I have asked len to get me some prices on commemorative coffee mugs for our 30-Year Class Reunion. (2/24/99)

It's sorta' like a PIER ONE store, but better. Sorta' like a HOBBY LOBBY, but twice as nice. It's the pride and joy of owner and our classmate, LEONARD SAAVERDA ('70) and his business partners. This is the first company store in Billings, Montana. A second store is planned for Colorado Springs, Colorado, sometime in May 1999.

MICKEY MAHLER ('70) truly has a heart of gold. Every time I hear from him, he always has such positive things to say and always has a bright outlook on things. He heaps compliments on me about the web site and says he really enjoys it. Today, I received a very generous donation for this web site and class newsletter from him. I have been collecting celebrity autographs, photographs and celebrity items for over 25 years and one of my most treasured possessions is my autographed baseball picture from Mickey when he pitched for the Atlanta Braves. Thanks, Mick. Thanks for the being the great friend you've been for the past 30 years! (2/22/99)

CLAIR NEYLAND ('70) sent me a lovely card, with lovely sentiments and a lovely donation to "the cause," this past week. Thank you for your kind generosity, Clair! As, you all know by now, Clair and I will be coming to our 30-Year Class Reunion together as a "couple." And one of the first rules of dating is knowing how to properly pronouce your date's name!! All these years, I and every Jay classmate that I know of, has pronounced Clair's last name, as: NAY-LAND, when actually, it's pronounced: NEE-LAND. Now, I know it's a small difference to all of you clowns out there, but to me, pronoucing Clair's last name properly, could mean the difference between a goodnight KISS or a goodnight HANDSHAKE for me, at the end of our evening together!! YEEEE HAAAAA!!! (2/20/99)

ROSS RAYMOND ('69) dropped me an interesting e-mail, today... "Dennis, I want to commend you on all the work which obviously goes into this web site. I read with great interest the information on the scholarship program and the upcoming meeting you're having at Pizza Hut. This is a worthwhile program. About 18 months ago, my partner and I opened a non profit DBA called Nationwide College Funding. We show parents how to find federal money to help with post secondary education. Its free and, on average, we have found about $6500 per student per year to help with those nasty college bills. And you don't need good grades or have to know how to carry a football to qualify. If you run into some of our classmates who are trying to figure out how to pay for college, vocational or technical school for themselves or their dependents, we might be able to help them. All the best, Ross." --Wow! That sounds great, Ross and we're at that age now were many of our classmates have children in or getting ready to enter college. Anyone interested in knowing more, can e-mail Ross at: Be sure to tell him you're a Jay graduate! (2/19/99)

DONNA STEPHENS ('70) decided to combine the holidays of ST. VALENTINE's DAY and ST. PATRICK's DAY by sending me a beautiful "hearts and hugs" card that was stuffed with a "bit o' the green"! In fact, it was in the form of a wonderful super duper donation for the web site and newsletter on behalf of herself and her lovely twin sister, MONNA STEPHENS ('70)! these two precious ladies have been among the most conistent supporters of this project over the past 10 years and I appreciate their continuing love and encouragement. Donna writes in her Valentine card to me... "Dear Dennis, I am so excited about combining our reunion with the the 'Class of 1969' and the 'Class of 1971.' What a team we all were! Take care and stay healthly. Don't eat any more pizza-- it's a killer! Love, Donna Sue." --First, let me thank you for the magnificent donation you and your sister have made. WOW! It will go a long way to keeping us up and running in all respects. Well, I haven't yet talked to my sister about her reunion, but yes, the "69ers" are going to be a blast to party with. As for eating pizza, I don't have a problem with that, it's choking on the buffalo (chicken) wings I gotta' watch out for! Yeeee Haaaa!! (2/14/99)

PHYLLIS (FORTENBERRY) GRIFFITH ('70) has her own e-mail address, now. Since returning to Houston, Texas, with her husband, RUSSELL GRIFFITH ('70), after an eight-year stay in Saudi Arabia, their lives have been a whirlwind. Russ is in the oil refining business and Phyllis has gone into the real estate business. They have been married for over 25 years, now! Congratulations!! That is really fantastic. I have already added her new e-mail address to the links page. Check it out and be sure to drop her a line! (2/14/99)

ROBERT "BOB" SPRADLING ('70) has a MIRACLE working in his life, right now! I just received this e-mail from him, today... "Dear Dennis, my most recent cat scan and endoscopic exam showed something that my doctors do not understand! They have never seen anything like it! Last July, when I was originally diagnosed with Stage 3 Adenio-Carcinoma stomach cancer, they thought I would be a goner in 6 months. They told me the treatments I would undergo would probably not have any effect on my cancer. Anyway, the most recent tests in the last week of January shows that all of my lymph nodes outside my stomach (of which many, many were affected) and my stomach walls (the thickness) are back to NORMAL!! There was nothing to look at! Several biopsies taken at the same time were also negative. The doctors don't understand and are confused! Maybe even disappointed in that now they won't be collecting any more of my insurance money! Ha! So, save room for me at the reunion!! Bob." --Wow! What wonderful news to hear, Bob. I know the treatments had a lot to do with your recovery, but I can't help believeing that all the good, vibrations and prayers sent to you from your Mustang classmates also had something to do with it! Hang in there!! (2/8/99)

MICKEY MAHLER ('70) , the "Wiffle Ball Flash," is on the internet! This is so cool. I got a surprise e-mail from him, today, so let me share it with everyone... "Dear Dennis, I hope all is well with you and the rest of the class. You're doing a great job keeping this thing together! I love the idea of 69-70-71 together. I don't get to see them at all and would love to visit with those guys again! I find it appauling that you would drool all over yourself to get a date with Clair. After all, she should be the one to feel lucky to date such a class act as yourself! And I mean it! Well bud, you now have my e-mail address, so keep in touch. Tell the guys, that I said hello to all- especially JOHN TAYLOR ('70) and FRED BUTLER ('70) to keep in touch too. Mick" It never dawned on me until I looked at Mick's e-mail address that his real first name is MICHAEL. Let's see, Michael Mahler... nah... it just doesn't have the same ring to it that MICK or MICKEY does! It's great to hear from you, Mick, and now that's you're on the internet, please stay in touch more often! (2/5/99)

PAUL (RANDY) BEATY ('70) is back among us after 29 years! I got an e-mail from him... "Dennis, I don't know if you remember me, but I graduated from Jay in 1970. I happened to surf the net and after a few tries I found this website. It is great to see this webpage. I've wondered off and on how my classmates have been doing all these years. I went into the Air Force in 1972. I'll probably retire in March 2000. Right now I'm stationed at Ft. Hood in Killeen, Texas. I married in 1976 to Audrey Leard in Oklahoma. I have a son just starting college and a daughter who is a senior in high school. I've missed the other reunions but would really like to make this next one. Hello to everyone out there. Take Care and I'll try to talk with you later." Randy, of course I remember you and it's great to have you back among the 1970 Mustangs!! I need a correct e-mail address from you, as soon as possible! Hope you can make the reunion in July 2000, my friend. (1/30/99) UPDATE: Today, I received a generous donation check from Paul, to keep this web site and the newsletter going. Thanks Paul, every dollar counts and I appreciate your generosity! (2/5/99)

RICHARD SOLLINGER ('70) sent in an e-mail to me, today... "Hello Dennis. Please forgive my infrequent communications, but I am a lousy writer. My relatives gripe at me continuously, because I will call them, before I will sit down and write a letter to them. And with the time difference, from where I live to where they live, I do not make many phone calls! (HA!) I am looking foward to attending the reunion next year. It has been a long time sence I was in San Antonio, so I am looking foward to the trip. Well, I have just changed careers. I spent the last 7 years as a store manager and manager trainer for corporate Texaco, here in Portland Oregon. The job required 80+ hours a week and on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! I now work for a company called, Merix. We make high end circuit boards. Now, I have actual days off, so that I can enjoy this beautiful region of the country. We live an hour from 3 ski resorts, an hour from the ocean, and 15 minutes from hiking, swimming, fishing, camping, hunting, etc. The climate here is mild all year round. While we do get an occasional snow or a couple of 100 degree days each year, they are very few. The winter months are mostly cloudy and rainy, but that makes the area very green all year with a lot of waterfalls. Now, that I have days off, I am begining to explore this area. Would you send me a copy of the e-mail addresses, as you did not print them in the newsletter this time. Do you happen to have an address for our 1970 classmates: MIKE MATTSON, MARGARETTE HARDEN, KAREN RALPH, RICHARD and DEBBIE (DANIELS) DOBSON? Well I'll sign off for now. Give me a holler soon and pass on my e-mail and regular address to any and all. Take care and may God bless." -- Richard it's great to hear from you, again. Best of luck in the new career. As for the e-mail address of the classmates you listed, any and all e-mail addresses that I have are listed on the e-mail links page here on our web site. Just scroll down to the very bottom of this page to the section called: SPECIAL LINKS. Then scroll down a little further until you see: CLASSMATE E-MAIL DIRECT LINKS. Click on that and you will be taken to a page of all the e-mail addresses that I have. Just select who you want to write to and click on the link. (By the way, if anyone has an e-mail or regular mail address for any of the people he asked about, please send them to me, right away.) (2/5/99)

MARK LOISELLE ('70) got married again! I don't want to make it sound like it's the fourth or fifth marriage, as to my knowledge it's just his second. Mark sent me a funny card with a generous donation inside. His message read... "Dennis, I just received the January 1999 newsletter. I figured out the only reason Clair is going to the reunion with you. Your PERSONALITY!! Thansk for all the time and effort you put in the newsletter. It really is fun to read. As our classmates struggle against physical hardships, it is a reminder to all of us just how fragile life can be. I'm married, again. My wife's name is DaNita. She asked me to marry her, I said 'Yes', and she had a witness!! Well, take care and God Bless You! A Mustang Forever...Mark." --Mark, thanks for your donation to the "cause" and all the best to you and your new bride. As far as my date with Clair, well, my friend, some of us have "it" and some of you don't! YEEE HAA!! I swear this date has received more attention from classmates then Clinton & Lewisnky! (2/3/99)

CARL UTTERBACK ('71) called me last night and we spoke for about 30 minutes. Carl is a family medicine doctor in Uvalde, Texas. He had stumbled across this web page and just poured mounds of praise on Ed Holley and myself for all our hard work on it. He has pledged to send in a contribution to help keep this web site on line and the newsletter going. Gee, he's not even a member of our graduating class, yet, Carl so enjoys this web site, he wants to help out financially. Thanks, Carl, we all appreciate it! (2/3/99)

DWAYNE BARBER ('69) e-mailed me and went ga-ga over this web site. He says he spent over 2 hours reading everything. Wow! (Usually it takes a normal person only one hour to read everything, guess he's a slow reader! HA!) If memory serves me correctly, Dwayne teaches law enforcement at a college in Oklahoma. I will always be greatful to Dwayne for doing something very special for me. Over twenty years ago, he drove my mom and my youngest brother brother, Bob, all the way down to DelRio where I lived, in the dead of night, to come see and comfort me the day my wife ran off to Mexico with some guy. Needless to say, I was an emotional wreck, but Dwayne was there like a big brother for me. It's something that I will never forget and a debt of kindness that I can never hope to repay. Dwayne has asked about any plans for a "Class of 1969" reunion and I don't know of any. Last I heard, 1969'ers were not going to have one this year, but wait and be a part of ours next year. If I hear of anything, I will post it here. (2/3/99)

MIKE GABEL ('70) and his wife, Cindy, have invited me to attend the Eagle Court of Honor for their son, Casey, later this month. Mike has always been actively involved in the Boys Scouts and this a great honor for the family in Casey becoming an Eagle Scout. The invitation Mike sent me had some very thoughtful words... "A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the quality of his actions and the integrity of his intent. In the end, leaders are like eagles... they don't flock, you will find them one at a time." Wow, that's heavy. Casey Gabel, on behalf of everyone in your father's senior class, I send congratulations to you on becoming an Eagle Scout and for a job well done! (2/1/99)

is so cool. Sometimes, he seems like a classic "Clint Eastwood" western hero to me. He sees a job that needs to be done, he comes into town very quietly, does the job with fanfare, not wanting to bring attention to himself, and he beginns righting wrongs, beating the bad guy and the next morning, without a goodbye, without a chance for the townspeople to say "Thank you", he's gone. Ronnie does the same thing when it comes to helping out this web site and newsletter. I received an envelope from him in the mail. No note, no words, just a generous check with his signature on it. And as queitly as Clint Eastwood, Ronnie does his good deed and he's gone. Cool, Ronnie, very cool. On behalf of all your classmates I thank you for your kind generosity. Ronnie own Alamo Asphalt and has been one of the most consistent supporters of this project. (1/30/99)

JOE HAZEL ('70) is alive and well and I have his e-mail to prove it! If there was anyone who could make me laugh in an instant, it is Joe Hazel. God, the fun we had during plays at Jay. Hey, Joe, remember during the performances of our senior play, "I Remember Mama" when I would sneak under the bed on stage during your death scene and grab you by the hair on the back of your head, so you couldn't get up to say your lines and die? Yeeee Haaaa!! What a riot! Everyone may recall in the newsletter that you all just received, I made a reference to Joe living on a dairy farm in Nebraska and that he was probably out milking the BULLS. Turns out that is old news. Well, Joe finally got around to writing me and he just cracks me up! Here's what Joe had to say... "Dennis, I received your latest newsletter, and much to my chagrin, I read it. In fact, I saw my name in it. Yes, I did try to return your call, (when you and Rip tried to reach me) but now you can simply e-mail me. (I must be delusional for letting you have my address; I can only imagine all the horseshit to which I will be subjecting myself). But I am compelled to correct a statement of yours in the newsletter. Bulls are, in fact, "milked"; artificial insemination companies regularly collect semen from prize bulls. The semen is packaged in small pipettes and frozen, to be used later to inseminate cows, thus improving the lineage and genetic make-up of the offspring. I, however, do not collect semen. In fact, I have been out of the dairy business for almost 14 years. I am now a registered professional engineer in the states of Nebraska and Iowa, and work for a consulting firm designing manufacturing facilities in the food processing, veterinary pharmaceuticals, and petfood industries, to name a few. I do appreciate your efforts on the newsletter and web site, and I'll have a check in the mail to help. But please, don't put me back on the farm. In fact, we just moved to a new "old" home in a nice old part of Omaha. Say hello to the usual suspects for me, RIP DOUVRY ('70), and STEVE KELLY ('70), if they're all not in the Big House on any felony charges). I may even attend the reunion if I can't find absolutely anything else to do, like mow the yard or milk some cows. Talk to you later, Joe. --What a blast to hear from you, Joe. And still, you make me laugh like crazy. Glad to hear that you know so much about milking bulls. That kind of information must come in handy up there in Nebraska. After all you need something to talk about when the great UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS LONGHORNS whip NEBRASKA'S ASS in football!!! Hook "Em Horns! Please stay in touch, my friend, and we all look forward to seeing you at the reunion in July 2000. (Joe's new address, for those insane enough to write him, is [and get a load of the street name] 5114 Cuming Street, Omaha, NE 68132 and his e-mail address is: (1/25/99) UPDATE: Today, in the mail, I received a very generous donation from Joe. And on behalf of all your classmates, "Thanks," my friend! (1/29/99)

DOUG CRAWFORD ('70) visited this web site and signed our guestbook, saying, "Dennis -- I just got back in town from a business trip and started sorting through a pile of mail. As always, the Class Newsletter was the highlight. Thanks for all your hard work. Now if I can get my wife to let go of the checkbook for about 10 seconds, I'll sneak one off to you. Take care of yourself, you are a National Treasure, well at least one in the hearts of all your classmates." --Wow, those are very kind words, Douglas! Thank you so much. Tell you what, I recently received a nomination form from Pope John Paul II to make me a "saint." Would you write me a letter of reccomendation for it? Yeee Haaaa! (1/23/99)

RICK KIEFFER ('72) Sends this note in the guestbook, "Dennis, I enjoyed the news letter. I raced to the site so see the 'Dennis and Clair kissing photo' and I could sure see you, but can't see Clair. Heck, that could be cousin that you are lipped locked with! I tried to imagine it being Clair, but...sorry. I really want to believe - really, I do. I was one of Mr. Dan Schreiber's drummers in the Mustang band for 1969 and 70 and Clair, Mary-Lou, Shirley and the whole gang would lead the cheers in front of me and the band countless times while we kept the beat at games and rallys. So, I know what she looks like. I am going to call JIMMY BARAZZA ('71) ( another Mustang band drummer) and have him look over the photo for a second opinion. As you remember, I left Jay in 1970 to graduate in 1972 in California. I'm now a cop in the great Northwest. I will write you later. You have to get a better photo of Clair the next time she blesses you with a kiss. Good Luck! Rick." --Oh ye' of little faith! Tell you what, Rick, you show up for the 30-year class reunion in July 2000, and Clair and I will kiss for you and the cameras one more time! How's that? (1/23/99)

STEVE MAYS ('70) also signed the guestbook at the bottom of this page and writes, "Dennis, Thanks for the kind words and for printing the triplets' picture. We bought a new computer recently and our email is: With this new computer, I should be able to get into the chat room that I was unable to connect to with my old one. So, email me at the new address when the next session will be. You are doing a fabulous job with the newsletter and web page. Keep up the good work. Say, "hi" to everyone for me. --Steve, I've made the e-mail change and thanks for your kind words. (1/23/99)

MARY LOUISE CLAYTON ('70) sent in a donation for the newsletter and this web site. She writes..."Dear Dennis, I hope that everything is going well for our fellow classmates in 1999. Thank uou so much, Dennis, for the great newsletter. I had so much fun reading all about our classmates. I heard from DEBBIE PASCHALL ('70), at Christmas time! All is well. I am so sorry to hear about the illness of ROBERT SPRADLING ('70) and the passing of PAUL CRAWFORD ('70). Robert, I know you visit the web site, please know that my prayers are with you at this time in your life. Dennis, you're so right when you say in the newsletter, that there is a loss for words for people we care about when life deals these things to them. It just doesn't seem fair. Dennis, please take care and thank you, again, for all your hard work. I'll keep in touch. Oh, by the way, I am a "closet" baton twirler, now. My son cracks up when I spin around a bit in the house and break a vase! It's still in my blood! Mary Louise." --Well, I know that Robert will see your kind words here, Mary Louise, and he will appreciate them. Thank you for your wonderful donation to the "cause." You're always there for us. (1/23/99)

DON GOODMAN ('70) has also sent in a donation for our efforts, and in his note he says, "Dear Dennis, Happy to send in a donation to keep things going. As a retired sargeant, I am happy to support all of this, maybe all those officers from our class can take up the slack! Sorry to hear about SONNY GARCIA ('70), he also was the one that got me on "Swingtime," as well. (About the only way I could get a date in those days was to take girls on the show! Ha Ha!) Well, tell those rich folks in our class to "give it up" and support all this that you do for us. Take care, Don." --Well, you may not believe this, Don, but the biggest financial supporters of all this stuff that I do, are classmates who are current or former military personnel of all ranks. You guys and gals who wear or wore the uniform have always been there for me. Frankly, it seems like it's the "civilians" who sit back and don't help. In fact, we have extremely wealthy people in our class who have received this newsletter twice-a-year for the past 10 years and have never sent in a penny. Not a single cent. I guess that's how they stay rich. That's why every $5, $10, or $20 donation is so important, so vital to keep this going after 10 years. I have to depend on those wonderful people like yourself, who appreciate what I do, to keep this going. And for people like you, Don, I am extremely grateful. Thank you for the generous donation and take care, my friend. (1/23/99)

LAVERNE SHIPMAN('70) sent me a simple envelope in the mail, today. No note, no card, just a generous check to keep this web page on line and the twice-a-year newsletter in production. She knows that I know where her heart is and how much I appreciate her. She and I have become close friends over-the-phone, these past few years and though it has been almost 30 years since I last saw her, I know Laverne is there any time I need her and I am there for her, as well. She has a heart of gold and a smile to match! Thanks, Laverne! Come see me. (1/19/99) UPDATE: Laverne surprised me with a phone call tonight. She's doing fine and lives in Big Springs, Texas. She has an interview here in San Antonio, next week, and is going to stop by and see me. We have not laid eyes upon one another in 29 years! This is gonna be fun! (1/22/99)

MARILYN WISELEY ('70) has been on our mailing list for many years, but only recently contacted me for the first time in 28 years. In her e-mail she writes... " I received the latest newsletter today in the mail and thought I would visit the Web Page. Wow! I only went to John Jay my senior year (1970) and after graduation, my parents moved to the other side of town and since graduation, I didn't keep in touch with too many people. I am trying to dig up my old yearbook to put names and faces together. I do remember CAROLYN SPARKS ('70) and would like to hear from her. I am interested to find out anything about SHERRY TAYLOR ('70) and K.C. KRAUSE ('70) also. I feel terrible about losing touch with everyone and I have vowed to get in touch with as many old friends as I can. I have been married to the same guy Ron Bowling, since July 1972. We have 3 wonderful children, Lisa (18) a freshman at KU (go Jayhawks!), Ryan (17), junior in high school and Lori (12) in 7th grade. We moved to Lenexa, Kansas in 1983 with my husband's job. We planned to live here only 2 years but fell in love with this part of the country and can't imagine leaving. We do go back to San Antonio to visit every year, since both our families are there. We also go there for our annual authentic mexican food "fix"! I have worked as a legal secretary for...ever. I am currently with a large firm (Bryan Cave, LLP) and really enjoy my job. My husband is a manager in the insurance industry. We have been very blessed with our careers, health and family. Dennis, I will keep in touch with e-mails and try to remember to send money. I have enjoyed the newsletters and would love to hear from some of the classmates. Thank you, Dennis, the newsletters and the web site have been great and you have done an extraordinary job with this project! Please keep it up. Thanks again. Please add my e-mail address to the list." It's done, Marilyn, you've been added to the e-mail list and on behalf of all your former classmates, WELCOME BACK! I will e-mail you the addresses of Carolyn, Sherry, and K.C. It's always great to hear from a "Mustang!" (1/19/99)

NATHAN WILLIS ('70) e-mailed me a photo of his grandson, Eric, so I thought I'd share it. with everyone. Needless to say, Nathan is very proud of Eric and just loves being a grandpa! (1/18/99)

KAREN MORRIS ('70) sent in a generous donation for the newsletter and this web site, as she does at the beginning of each year. Thanks, Karen!! She writes in her letter... "Dear Dennis, Happy New Year! I received your newsletter, today, and realized that it was time to send in my donation. I hope it helps. By the way, CONGRATULATIONS on your "date" with CLAIR for the 30-year reunion!! I hope I can make it. I still can't beleive we've gotten so old!! Take care, Karen." --Well, I tell you what, Karen, since I have my date with Clair, the first dance is hers, but I've got your name down for the second dance!! Love ya'! (1/17/99)

MR. JOHN FRIEDLAND was the Administrative Assistant to our principal, Mr. Terry McGuire, during our senior year. He and I have stayed in touch over the years and he sent in a check for our efforts!! Now, how's that!! He also enclosed a letter, which reads... "Hey, Dennis! So, you and CLAIR, huh?! CHA-CHING!, indeed. In your wildest dreams, I'll bet that never occurred to you! Next time you talk to her, tell her I said, 'Hi.' I remember her and her family, very well. I think her father was in the Air Force, they lived in Valley Hi. She had one brother who graduated from Marshall H.S., a brother who graduated from Holmes H.S. and she graduated from John Jay H.S. If I recall, her brother's names were Mayo and Bruce. I always thought it unique that her family lived in the same house and had three siblings graduate from three different high schools. Keeps the newsletters coming, Dennis. You do good, no, GREAT work! I look forward to all the stuff you dig up. I hope I'm somewhere in the area for your 30th Year Reunion, in July 2000. Gee, all you guys are pushing 50, now! So, that's why I'm 65, with seven children and 14 grandchildren, with one on the way, maybe TWO! Hang in, there!" It's great to hear from you Mr. Friedland and thanks for the donation. I hope Mr. McGuire here's of it and makes a donation, too!! HA! (1/17/99)

TOMMY McDUFF ('70) came to our 25-year reunion, but I hadn't heard a word from him since then, until, today. I received an e-mail from him... "Hello, Dennis! I just received your newsletter, so I thought I would e-mail my internet address for your records: Well it's been a long time since the "95" reunion but we all are doing just fine. My oldest son is still in the Air Force and we know have a girl in college. You talking about expensive, but it's not as bad as it could be . She is going to Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos and majoring in Theatrical Arts. We also have a daughter in high school and two boys in elementary. Do you know, Dennis, that I'll almost be ready to retire when my youngest graduates from high school! Damn, no time for life! Oh well, I have to say that my kids are my life. Another note for your records I've changed jobs again. I now work for the U.S Post Office. Well, sorry for such a short letter, but just wanted to say, keep up the good work and we will see you the next time we are in San Antonio or at the reunion! Tom McDuff." --Tom it's great to hear from you again. I remember the last time I saw you, you had come to town to see your son who had gone into basic training at Lackland and you stopped by my house for a visit. I think it's great that you have a daughter in Theatrical Arts!! Finally, someone is following in UNCLE DENNIS' footsteps!! Tom, you work at the post office, now? Do you have to wear a bullet-proof vest there? Do you own a gun? Do you get along with your co-workers? Just wondering... WACCA-WACCA!!! (1/17/99)

FRED BUTLER ('70) got a surprise call from me, last night. I wanted to personally thank him for being the first classmate to send in a donation for the "cause" since the January 1999 newsletter went out. He is still a teacher and high school baseball coach at Del Valle High School in Austin. He also has an e-mail address that we have added to our list, so drop him a line. Fred "The Whiffle Ball King" send his regards out to everyone! (1/15/99)

CANDI GILBERT ('70) and her husband, JIM McNEIL ('69) dropped me an e-mail..."Hey Dennis! Great job on the website. Will check in on it often, now that we've found it. Candi sends her greetings and love to all of our friends down "home". Briefly, we still live just outside of Seattle, Washington. Candi left the retail business and is enjoying her stay at home, now that the girls have grown.--one works for Boeing and the youngest works for the library system, here. I work for Kenworth and I doubt if I will ever retire. Best wishes for the New Year to you and all of our fellow classmates." --It's always great to hear from classmates who live in Sasquatch country!! I have added your e-mail address to our links on the e-mail page. Hey, send me a Seattle coffee mug! (1/15/99)

DONNA STEPHENS ('70) stays in touch with me and sent me an e-mail, today... "Dennis, I was in San Antonio today (1/14/99). My best friend, here in Corpus Christi, lost her mom on Monday after heart surgery. They buried her today at Mission park in San Antonio. I thought about you while we were driving up from Corpus, but it was not a good day to stop, as I was with her family. I talked to my sister, Monna, this evening. We exchanged comments on the newsletter and we both really enjoy it. She has urged me to send money for her, as well, and I do promise to do so, soon. I'm headed for the Dallas area this weekend to attend my step-grandson's 3rd birthday party on Saturday in DeSoto. I'll stay with Monna Friday night. Well, congratulations on your date with CLAIR! Nice catch!! Until later... Ciao, Donna Sue" --Donna-Donna, it's always great to hear from you and your sister! Sound slike you really enjoy being a grandma'! Yes, I am quite proud of my upcoming date with CLAIR NEYLAND. Gee, it only took me 29 years to build up the nerve to ask her out! Thanks for signing the GUESTBOOK at the bottom of this page and I appreciate your kind comments! I wish more people who visit this web site would sign it. Well, come up and see me, girl! (1/15/99)

DENISE RUPP ('70) lives here in San Antonio and still sent me an e-mail, today and says..."Dennis, you have done a wonderful job with this web site and the newsletters... congratulations!! We all appreciate how you keep us in touch. Tell everybody I said "Hi", hope to see them at the 30 year reunion. I am the school secretary at Coker Elementary - not a teacher - they have too much homework - and my hair is still the same color it was in high school WITHOUT the help of hair dye!!! Love ya, Denise." --It's great to hear from you, Denise! It's amazing, you are the same way I am... I send e-mail to people in San Antonio, too, instead of reaching for the phone! Gosh, are we all computerized and internetted or what!! I am happy you enjoy this web site and hope you'll visit often. Thanks for signing the GUESTBOOK! Here's a bit of "Class of 1970" trivia... Did you know that for her outstanding service to our school during our Senior year, Denise was the 1970 recipient of the John Jay "Spirit" Award at our graduation? Yep! (Denise, correct me if I got the name of the award wrong.) (1/14/99)

ROBERT SPRADLING ('70) who was diagnosed with stomach cancer last year, has e-mailed to let me know that doctors have given him 4 to 10 months to live. In a recent e-mail he writes... "Dennis, I have a cat scan scheduled tomorrow, (1/13/99) an endoscopic exam next week, and I am supposed to talk to the prospective surgeon the following week. Originally, they wanted him to operate this month, to remove my stomach and anything else that didn't look "right". I may elect to not have the surgery. I have read too many stories about the problems people face without stomachs. Quality of life means a lot to me. It has been a hell of a battle since late July, what with 5 weeks of radiation, and 4 rounds of chemotherapy. On top of all this, I almost drowned on October 17th, during the South Texas floods. I had just moved out near Old Babcock Road, and was unfamiliar with the area. That Saturday morning, I decided to go to the grocery store to buy some food, as my appetite was improving at that point having finished the second round of chemotherpy some 3 weeks before. Well, on that real curvey road out there, I hit a wall of water that went up in a hurry. That was about 10:30 a.m. I climbed on top of my vehicle and saw the water go down about 4 inches, and then the rains came again. The water totally covered my Van and washed me off. I estimate, it was about Noon, or so. I had surveyed the area prior to this while sitting on the roof of my van, just in case. Good thing! I saw my "temporary home" coming closer and closer. A stout oak tree limb running horizontal to the water and just about touching the water. I was to find out later that the limb was 10 FEET OFF THE GROUND! I stayed on that limb until 7 p.m. SAFD rescued me. A little embarrassing. That's life. The adrenalin must have been flowing because I took it all in stride. Hell, it was a lot easier than the first two weeks following a chemotherapy dosage, that's for sure! I swallowed a lot of water that day, but I survived. It seems they can't keep a bad man down. I guess I am too mean to die? Anyway, take care Dennis, and thanks to everyone out there who wishes me well. I didn't go down with my ship, er van, and I am sure as hell not going down with this little bump in the road called Stage III Adeno-Carcinoma Stomach Cancer. May the Power of God be with you all. Take care Dennis." --He said that the class reunion is 19 months away and no matter what doctors say, he'll be around for the reunion. We all hope so, Bob. We PRAY so. Hang in there, my friend. (1/12/99)

RANDY TILLMAN ('70) is the first classmate in 1999 to send me a coffee mug for my collection. Today, he sent me one from the "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" museum in St. Augustine, Florida. If I'm not mistaken, that is the headquarters for Ripley's and St. Augustine is the OLDEST city in the United States! Thanks, Randy, the coffee mug looks great in my collection! (1/8/99) UPDATE: Today, in the mail, I received a hefty donation for the web site and newsletter from Randy. What a guy! Randy, on behalf of all of us, please accept our sincere appreciation! Thank you! (1/29/99)

PHYLLIS (FORTENBERRY) GRIFFITH ('70) sent me a little fancy white envelope in the mail, today. You know, the kind that looks like a baby announcement. The first thing that crossed my mind... MY GOD, PHYLLIS IS PREGNANT! I ripped the envelope open, pulled out the fancy white card inside and read..."I am pleased to announce that I have joined the select team of professionals at Gary Greene, Realtors/Better Homes and Gardens. If I can help with any of your real estate needs. please, call." I can see by this announcement that Phyllis has wasted no time in getting back into the "real" world after spending eight long years in the deserts of Saudi Arabia, where her husband, RUSSELL GRIFFITH ('70) worked for Aramco Oil. Women, even American women" are not allowed to drive and not do all sorts of others things over there. So, Phyllis loves being back in the states and regaining and rejoicing in her freedom! Best of luck in your new career, Phyllis. Anyone moving to or from the Houston, Texas, area who needs her, can contact Phyllis at: Office: (281) 890-4024 Fax: (281) 890-3201 or Voice Mail: (713) 722-5037 or Pager: (281) 267-0274. And of course, her e-mail link in listed on our e-mail link page on this web site. (1/7/99)

CHARLES "CHUCK" OGIER ('70) checks in with me for the New Year by e-mail: "Dennis...Happy New Year to you and I hope all is well and you are enjoying the great bounties of 1999, whatever that means. I head out for my next trip this weekend....go to Lima, Peru and pick up a jet for Caracus then Madrid, and then on to Paris... Bangkok.. Sharjha... back to Bangkok... then Sharjha.... Madrid... Miami and home. That takes care of my 2 weeks. I spent the last 2 months based in Miami and flew exclusively throughout South America. I loved Buenes Aires, Argentina and Santiago, Chile. The hot weather, hot women and fine cuban cigars were plentiful! Well, its 85 degrees out here in Thousand Oaks, California where I live. Guess it's time to get outside and play with the 'Vette. Take care, Chuck." Geez, what the hell did this guy do to deserve suck a great life! Somebody, anybody tell me!! Yeee Haaa!! (1/6/99)

STEVE MAYS ('70) sent me a belated Christmas card that I received today, 1/4/98, along with a HUGE check for this web site and newsletter!! It's been ages since I last heard from him. He writes... "Dennis, I haven't really fallen off the face of the earth, but I can see it from here! Nevertheless, I enjoy logging on to the class home page and finding out what's happening. So, here's a token of my appreciation for your hard work and dedication (and to keep the home page solvent). Take care, buddy! Steve." .Wow! What a fantastic way to start off 1999! On behalf of all your classmates, Steve, I thank you for your generosity! Steve also sent a photo of his triplets that I share with you below. (1/4/99)

"That's Ryan (named for Nolan Ryan), Jessica, and Brooks (named for Brooks Robinson).
What a trip they are for us! This was taken last November just after their 2nd birthday.

BUBBA ABEL ('70) and I decided at 8:30 p.m. on New Year's Eve to go out to BILL MIZELL's ('70) house in Boerne, to party. The only catch was, Bill wasn't having a party!!! So, we brought him one! The Mizell's had planned on spending a quiet night at home. Well, the hell with that when we found out! So, Bubba's wife, Faye made deer chili and tamales and we hauled that out to Bill's house, basically uninvited! Bill's wife, JoAnn, was a gracious hostess, as we sorta' had invited ourselves out there! But we had a wonderful time and celebrated the New Year with champagne! The 30+ mile drive back home to San Antonio was a bit hairy, as a heavy fog had settled in, but we all made it home safely. (1/1/99)

Over the Christmas holidays, I just received word from PAM (CASTLE) CRAWFORD ('70) that her ex-husband and our classmate, PAUL CRAWFORD ('70) died in August 1997. She sent me a Christmas card with a note... "Dennis- Paul died in August 1997 in a Louisana hospital. I'm sorry that I never wrote you about it. It was not a good year." Due to his parent's wishes, no other details of Paul's passing are available. Pam, herself, lives in San Antonio and is involved in the San Antonio Livestock Show & Rodeo, which celebrates it's 50th Anniversary this year. Pam is very much into arts & crafts and sells them in the two locations of the American Craft Mall in San Antonio. Our warmest wishes go out to Paul's family members. (Please forgive the quality of the photo below, but it's all I have to work with. -Dennis)

(Hollywood, CA)-- In a move that has rocked the dating world from Hollywood to Broadway, from London to Rome, CLAIR NEYLAND ('70) has said "YES" to being the date of DENNIS DUPRIEST ('70) at the 30-Year Reunion of the John Jay "Class of 1970" scheduled to be held in July 2000. Dennis, himself, is as surprised as anyone else about this development.

"I was in Austin attending an elections law seminar, the week of December 1-4," says Dennis. "Clair lives in Austin and I always give her a call whenever I am in town. We had been staying in touch with one another over the past couple of years by phone calls and e-mail. I had e-mailed her that I would be in Austin and asked her to give me a call, if she had the chance. She's in the catering business and works at the University of Texas, so I knew she'd be real busy this time of year. So, one evening, she called me in my hotel room. Somehow, during our phone conversation, I got the cojones to ask Clair to be my date for the reunion. My mind had the thought for only an instant before my mouth blurted out the words!! I half-expected her to hang up the phone and nearly had a heart attack when she said she'd be proud to be my date at the reunion!! I repeated my invitation to her, just to make sure and she said, "YES", again!! CHA-CHING!!!! I know a lot of people, especially the guys, will think I am making all of this up, but you'll all see how real it is when Clair and I show up at the reunion arm-in-arm!! I am not an overly religious man, but I am here to tell all of you that... THERE IS A GOD!! YEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAA!!!"

In a Christmas card from KENNETH & VICKI (GREEN) ELKINS ('70/'70), Vicki writes and asks: "Dennis, why are you waiting until the class reunion in July 2000 to take Clair out on a date?" And in reply, Dennis says, "Because it's gonna take me that long to build up enough courage to kiss her goodnight!!!"

"That's all, folks!"
...and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.
Love Is All Around...
Dennis Michael Patrick DuPriest
John Jay High School, San Antonio, Texas - Class of 1970